The dreamcatcher originated from the indians from North America .
They believe that when you make one and you
hang it above the bed or crib of e.g. childrean,
That the bad dreams will be caught in the web.
According to legends the bad dreams will slide of
and the northern sun will dry up the dreams.

The indians and the aboriginals think the
dreamcatcher is the best gift for newborns.
So they will start their live without problem dreams.

 The dreamcatchers that are made by hand
Are not only beautiful to give,
But are also very original and personaland fun to make.
It is in fact a complete creative process.


I also make dreamcatchers, but not only like the originals.
But also more personal, like for a newborn baby….


Here you can see a few of my own designs…
They are also buy and the prices are between 10,00 t/m. 27,50...
(excl. the cost for sending or mailing)
These prices are dependent to what there if material is consumed...... 

For further information you can mail me.....HERE


The design with flower and butterflies

 The large ring has a cut of 50cm
and the small rings a cut of 10 cm.



Here is a special design for a boy who likes Feyenoord
He would like to be a professional and who knows play for his favorite club.

 This dreamcatcher has a cut of 20cm....



This one I made for a friend who requested it.

 This dreamcatcher also has a cut of 20cm....



This one was made for friends and geez,
You can see the creation says it all.

It's a boy

 This dreamcatcher also has a cut of 20cm....


This is made especially for people that are getting married or engaged to be married.
It is called A wedding

 This dreamcatcher has a cut of 15cm....


Very soon I will have more creations.
So please come back soon.



***Translated by trixyh***